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Does your skater have a goal to 

 Earn More Ice Time 

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 Helping youth ice hockey parents overcome the challenges of hockey nutrition, empowering them to fuel their skater for success on the ice and witness their skater achieve their hockey dreams.  

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Kimberly S. Lukhard, MS,RDN,LDN

Hello, I'm Kim Lukhard, known as Hockey Mom RD. With 20 years of experience teaching college nutrition and cooking courses, I authored the Amazon best-selling Hockey book "Eat, Skate, Win: 7 Steps for Your Youth Ice Hockey Star to Eat Like a Champion."

As a dedicated hockey mom to my two sons, who started hockey at the ages of 6 and 8, I leveraged my sports nutrition knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

The strategies I developed with my sons evolved into the Create a Championship Plate Fueling System. Over the years, I've supported skaters and goalies in progressing from House League to Juniors (USPHL, NA3HL, NAHL, USHL), securing spots on the NHL Draft list, participating in NHL Development Camps, and earning commitments to play D1 college hockey since 2010.

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like all the other hockey parents have this "hockey nutrition" thing figured out and you are left wondering why your skater isn't earning ice time?
  • Does it seem like your skater has started to feel like they "can't" improve and they are starting to lose confidence in their ability to play the game they love.
  • Are you frustrated watching your skater sit on the bench the majority of the time during games on a tournament weekend?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you want a "rinse and repeat" fueling system that will give your skater the speed and stamina they need, each time they step on the ice.


Proven Outcomes


“The most important result that has come about is how Ben feels when he is on the ice. I asked him if he thought it was worth it and he was like – Oh Yeah!
For example, this past Monday, when he had a practice, He was the only one not doubled over from exhaustion and trying to catch his breath as the practice progressed. He felt energized and felt good.

​Other players may have been ready to wind up the skate, but not Ben, he was still ready to go.

Kimberly S, TN


As A Physician, I Am Impressed!”

My daughter lives by the plan Kim worked out for her this fall and I can’t say thank you enough! Maggie is away from home at the Ontario Hockey Academy and has a rigorous strength training routine and on ice practice every single day. Kim gave her great practical guidelines on how to choose foods to meet her nutritional needs and food preferences specific to her situation. As a mother I am so glad she has Kim’s guidance away from me. As a physician I am impressed by Kim’s total approach and in-depth plans. I commend Hockey Mom RD and recommend her evaluation and advice for youth athletes in any sport.

Elizabeth Blair, MD, PhD,."


"When we first started working with Kim last year, my son (then 11) ate absolutely no fruit and maybe 1 vegetable a couple of times a week (if we were lucky). And forget about breakfast - no breakfast before school or early games, ever. I purchased one of Kim’s courses out of sheer desperation to change how he ate; hockey is his passion and I was banking on that to get him to start eating a bit more healthily. We’re now part of The Rink and it has been absolutely invaluable. This child now eats at least THREE servings of fruit and veggies every single day. Last night, he even asked for another apple — ANOTHER APPLE, friends! And while he is still not a fan of eating early in the morning, he knows he needs to add a bit of fuel to the tank and eats breakfast every single day - even before 6am practice! He now understands what best fuels him and when to eat it to power him on the ice. His coaches have noticed his increased stamina and speed and often put him on the ice in clutch situations. Kim’s fueling system is an incredibly valuable tool in any hockey player's kit."​   
Suzanne, NJ



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